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 Welcome to Critical Learning Club

 We meet every student and family where they are

 Critical Learning Club


 We mentor our students to deepen their compassion and foster commitment to sustainability of the planet. 

What people say about CLC

As the Founder and Principal Mentor of Individual U., EFCNY, Peak Year, and the Curriculum for Thriving, I worked with perhaps 100 remarkable mentors over twenty years.
Eunnye Yang was among the very best as well the most beloved and appreciated by her students and their parents. At CLC, Eunnye shares her life-transforming insights, skills and practices of sustainable living, mindfulness, meditation, movement and yoga. She also offers Indigo educational assessment as well as mentorship in journaling and lifepath journeying. If you have a child who can't seem to listen quietly and learn, you might consider working with Eunnye, whose cat whispering skills have translated into a personal genius with young children who would benefit from stillness and self confidence. 


Dr. Stephen Rudin

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