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Our Vision

Our vision is for every child to become environmentally conscious and empowered, for friends and families to become collaborators and for the world to create a culture of environmental gratitude.

Our Approach

We meet every student and family where they are

 We work with students 7 years and older. For students with 5th grade reading skill and above (as well as their parents), offer an option Indigo educational assessment tool. This can provide invaluable insight and guidance to individuals and to families as a learning system, to illuminate the reasons for past problems and conflicts, and to shine a light on the path forward for joy, passion and purpose for all involved.

We believe in the power of enjoyable, one on one and small group, non-academic, activity-based learning. Children are placed in small age/ability matched groups for all trips and activities, accompanied by at least one mentor and one adult assistant. Small group are also used for peer socialization and support during mindfulness and emotional intelligence mentoring.

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