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Eunnye Yang

Founder & Principal Mentor


An educator, multi-faceted interdisciplinary artist, yoga practitioner and activist who is passionate about learning and sharing her skills and knowledge to benefit others.Eunnye moved from Seoul, South Korea to NYC in 1996. Her constantly burgeoning artistic vision draws on her training from numerous disciplines including sculpting, sculpture restoration, painting, dance, yoga, meditation, cooking and wellness. She integrates the breadth and depth of her knowledge and skill in both her mentoring and her consulting services through CLC.Eunnye is a passionate activist and educator in issues of sustainability. She enjoys empowering students, mentoring them to reduce food waste and compost. She currently serves as an art consultant and mentor in mindfulness, yoga, life-path for two renowned bespoke mentoring organizations: EFCNY (The Executive Function Center New York).  ​An avid animal lover and well-documented cat whisperer, Eunnye is the “mother” to three precious cats.​Eunnye is currently combining her enthusiasm for the tiny-house movement and sustainable education by joining forces with EFCNY in planning a tiny house education community and farm. 

Our Team

Eunnye Yang 

Yoga, Art, Mindfulness, Cooking, Composting, Foraging

Rick Reil

Drum & Executive Function

Artem Maloratsky

Mathematics & Mindfulness

Frances Smokowski


Mary Shoen 

Movement of Expression

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