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Summer Book Club

Astrophysics for Young People in a Hurry

By Neil deGrasse Tyson with Gregory Mone


Join our group forums to cultivate mindful active listening, engage in discussions, and inspire curiosity in science through book reading

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​ Programs


Discover a tailored approach to holistic development through our diverse program offerings, designed to cater to students aged 7 through college. Whether it's nurturing mindfulness, enhancing social-emotional learning (SEL), or refining executive function skills, we provide personalized 1:1 and small group sessions to meet each student's unique needs.In addition, we offer the exclusive 1:1 Indigo educational assessment tool, providing insights into student behaviors, motivators, skills, and strengths to optimize learning strategies. On weekends, immerse yourself in our enriching outdoor discovery programs, featuring small group adventures such as foraging in Central Park, climbing expeditions, visits to the cat garden, museums, farms, seasonal sailings, and camps.

Explore, learn, and grow in a dynamic outdoor environment curated to inspire curiosity and exploration.

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Indigo Assessment

tool to learn about yourself

Students from 5th grade through college are offered the Indigo insight assessment tool. This science-based, multi-dimensional, comprehensive tool helps students to gain insights through self-awareness of their behaviors, motivators, skills, and strengths. The tool is administered as an online survey. ​​​

Life Path Mentoring

students and adults ages 15-30 map a path forward that matters to you

Journal about your strengths and vulnerabilities, examine your passions and work towards purpose

 Integrated Mindfulness, Executive Functions & Emotional Intelligence

learn to practice to become more aware, set goals & accomplish them, and to understand emotions

Sessions are mentored both in person and remotely as well, 1:1 and in small SEL groups.

Sustainability Education

learn to foster & extend compassion to the planet

​Learn composting A to Z, transforming kitchen food scrap to black soil Visit urban farms and gardens & plantingLearn foraging and package free cooking Meet and learning from local role models in the Zero-Waste and Wasteless movements   

2024 Sailings

COME SAILINGLearn, and Connect with Nature

Are you ready to embark on a thrilling journey through the historic wonders of New York's waterways? We invite you to COME SAIL with us, where you will have the opportunity to LEARN BASIC SAILING SKILLS and create a mesmerizing experience together in a private boat. This exceptional sailing expedition has been meticulously curated to extend an invitation to selected families, students and friends enabling you to forge a closer bond with nature and awaken your inner advocate for the environment. Our first sail is on Memorial Day and the last one is around Columbus Day. There are day & sunset evening sails, weekend long trips and camp.

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